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A Gentle Goodbye with Cinnamon the Rabbit Holly Lyon-Hawk Maija Lamppu Pet Loss .png


Bringing beauty, love and light to a difficult parting is incredibly helpful in our healing grief journey's after having to say goodbye to a beloved

animal friend as well as helping their soul

on the journey to heaven. 

There are so many ways you can do this. Here you will find just a few.

Holly, author of A Gentle Goodbye with Cinnamon the Rabbit,

 would be delighted to hear of your ideas and will share some

of them here if you're lucky to be chosen.

Honouring Poppy. 

In this short video, made by Barry Gibb, you are given the a precious insight to the sacred time when author, Holly and her family & friends came together to honour Holly's beautiful dog, Poppy. 

By sharing this Holly hopes you will be inspired to create your own beautiful ceremonies. 

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