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A5 Landscape Hardback      A Gentle Goodbye with Cinnamon the Rabbit

A5 Landscape Hardback A Gentle Goodbye with Cinnamon the Rabbit

Do you have a pet?

Do you love your animal friend?

Do you want to know how to honour and care for them as much when they die as you have done in life?


If the answer is yes then this book is for you. Created for anyone aged 4 - 140 years, this book will take you on a gentle and safe journey through the powerful magic that is held within the heart wrenching time when we say goodbye to our animal friends. You will learn what you need to prepare and care for both your animal friend as well as yourself for the time that will come, the time when your animal friend leaves their body, when they die.

There is space at the back of the book to write your ideas down, to stick in your favourite photo and also take your pets paw print.

'Loving and honouring your animal friend in death as well as in life.' 


Renowned author Felicity Warner of Soul Midwives writes:  

"Like many of us, the wonderful animals in my life are members of my soul family.

This enchanting book - A Gentle Goodbye with Cinnamon the Rabbit - describes the joy of sharing a kind and compassionate life with our furry companions but also how we can care, honour and respect them deeply when they depart. I won’t spoil the story, but the ideas for Cinnamon’s farewell box are beautiful and so inspiring.

Readers both young and old will love this story and the beautiful illustrations that accompany it, weaving together a magical tale of wisdom, love and the knowledge that those we lose are only ever a thought away and that death is the beginning of yet another precious story.

With love,

Felicity xxx"

  • This is an A5 hardback book.

    This book is designed to be a keepsake with a section at the back for you to place photos of your animal friend as well as writing your plan for your darling friends last few days. 

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